Friday, August 12, 2011

talking about photos.

 Finally [after some time] i develop the holga camera.
la di daaa...
ph.1 -- half head & half sunnnies
ph.2 -- nina & i @ centennial a bit back
ph.3 -- my brown locks... this was just after school finished
ph.4 -- alison & i writing on the post riot apology wall [you see alison writing but tilt your head to the left and you see me writing]
ph.5 -- nina w/ her timmys
ph.6 -- driving somewhere
ph.7 -- nat and viv and nat again
ph.8 -- thas me n_n
ph.9 --nina avec sun hat
ph.10 -- wearing bathing suit top, check. its purple.
ph.11 -- da pigeon man
ph.12 -- nina on grass
ph.13 -- i dunno whos hands??
ph.14 -- birdies in hawaii
ph.15 -- palm
ph.16 -- eyes open. eyes closed.
ph.17 -- harajuku loverszzzs
ph.18 -- balcony view in hawaii


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raisa said...

I like those kind of pictures, very nice!