Tuesday, August 9, 2011

it's cool to clash

this was a couple weeks ago when my cousin had his wedding. the day before my mom sent me out to buy a dress. instead i come home with harems and a tribal-like blouse. typical.
momma shoulda known not to let me shop alone for this event.
& to my surprise my mother shows me this square, black, reptile-like purse she got at the thrift store. super cool. she said i could have it. & then i borrowed her silver bracelet and rings [which i still haven't returned to her & she's becoming very impatient-- i wear them all the time now]. didn't know she had these things lying around her room. 
so. i enjoy how the two patterns [harems + blouse] are different. but somehow they match... or i like to think they do. i just enjoy how they work together n_n
[i don't know if you guys have ever noticed but i have a crooked smile. or maybe only i notice it cause i'm around myself 24/7 which makes it easy for me to point out my imperfections. 
anyhow. i used to be super self conscious about it, but now i'm so used to it that i think i like it] .... [ i also have a broken pinky]
woot for strange imperfections n_n


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raisa said...

Inperfection ist the new black, so wear it with confidence!