Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"999" sale

Aritzia warehouse sale today for us & friends/fam, so i went. of course.
left with this guy (the coat), and this gal (cause i dragged her along).
coat needs some steaming & she's (she's a "she" now) set to go.
i bought it slightly bigger so that i can wear big knits under it and swarm my neck with a fatty scarf. 
was going to buy the other piece i'm holding in the first photo but then told myself i had to pick one of the two.
the coat is practical.
& i love it, so i'm happy :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wrist candy + choker

so in love.
with this piece of course.
thank you Wolf Circus for this awesome bracelet [i'm wearing it in my previous post on my wrist]
but i like wearing it as a choker as well- also looks good under a buttoned-up collar. 
i love something that's versatile
i highly suggest you check out the website where you will find TONS of rad pieces [you can also get a sneak peak from the post below].
my favorites are the ring and crystal necklaces!
you can buy any of the jewelry off the Wolf Circus site.


Wolf Circus + Hey Jude Shop

Kash & i both had the day off friday so we spent the day wandering around vancouver.
we strolled around downtown, gastown, main and our last stop was the Wolf Circus/Hey Jude pop-up shop on the rooftop of an apartment.
it was the neatest idea- they had funky clothing & jewelry + sangria...ahh yes.
i left with a vintage, tribal-like blazer from Hey Jude and a spike bracelet/ choker from Wolf Circus.
kash got a sweet bullet necklace. [she's "biting the bullet"]
i am literally in LOVE with the jewelry, as you can see above there are amazinggg pieces.
you can find Wolf Circus jewelry here
Hey Jude here


Friday, August 24, 2012

Worn right

This photo basically sums up all the 'trends/styles' i'm digging right now:
- big crop sweater over top
- lacy/ frayed shorts
- brights & beige united
- socks avec heels
- a big @$$ bag to store my life in
- frazzled hair


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bit of blue and grey all over

i received my brown ASOS booties today and i liked them so much that i had to buy another pair
this time in grey. and not only that but they're on sale! so get em quick if you find yourself also wanting a pair ;)
i was so pleased- i wore the brown pair today to my 8 hour work shift and
my feet felt amazing in them
and man i have baddd feet. it was like i didnt even have to break them in.
ahh bliss. 


Jag heter Natt n_n

tank- Cheap Monday, shorts- vintage, boots- ASOS, trench- Oak and Fort, toque- Aritzia, cellphone pouch- H&M, backpack- F21

i kinda felt like a Swede today. i think it was the "stockholm" written across my tank avec high waist shorts and boots. 
mind you i'm being slightly stereotypical.
but personally i adore how Swede's dress
i'm gonna live there someday, oneday. 
oh. and i bough this lovely trench at Oak and Fort in gastown the other day.
it's something i can carry into early fall and i'll definitely still be wearing it next spring/summer.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

knot that

 photobooth quality is not my favorite but i wanted to quickly snap the 'fit from the other day. 
[stuff round tied round the waist and stuff dangling from the neck].


Thursday, August 16, 2012

what is

ph: tumblr


Pink suede shoes

black crop top- American Apparel, black slip- Zara, cross necklace- F21, gold hair piece- VJ Style

Bought a pair of salmon pink suede pumps from Zara the other day [on sale]... the only benefit of having big feet is they usually, almost always have your size left ;)


i like you & you & you & you

Fall is apparently just around the corner, which is strange cause i've just started getting into summer-wear. The weather is finally acting as though it's actually summer... not for long though.
 I can see myself wearing shorts/skirts into fall with knee high or ankle socks with a pair of boots. Won't be until winter that i'll have to suck it up and smother myself my scarves everyday. That's something i'll invest in this winter: a fine collection of big, comfy, warm scarves
But for now... let's take advantage of our sandals & tanks.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pirate's gold.

[sorry for the crappy image quality in the 2nd photo... it was a quick snapshot]

tank- Aritzia [Wilfred], jean shorts- my mother, sandals- Steve Madden, belt- vintage [Community Thrift], chain necklace- vintage



I finally believe i'm somewhat tanned... still a ways to go, but i'm at a good start ;P
today is my day off so i'll sit out in the sun for a bit and relax.
i'm also gonna snap some photos of clothing i'll be putting up for sale on facebook.
keep watch n_n


Friday, August 10, 2012

you are mine.

Bought these lovely pieces off ASOS the other day.
So in love...
I think the gold bracelets are fun for a more simple look.
And the others i think are funky & purdyy :)

i figured i could use a little more gold accessorizing in my life ;)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brown booties

Bought these off ASOS yesterday.
although brown isn't exactly "stepping outside of the box" i've never worn much of the color, but i convinced myself i'd do something other than black.
i'm happy with them.
Can't wait till their on my feeties...


Little this 'n that

1st photo: slouchy tee- Aritzia [Wilfred], lace shorts- Free People, neck cellphone case- H&M, shoes- TOMS
2nd photo: jean vest- [vintage], floral dress- F21, strappy purse-VJ Style, necklace- F21, cross bracelet- ASOS 



Food favorites

1. Macarons from Thierry
2. Blueberry pancake- my lovely momma
3. Fondue at Capstone
4. Japanese treat from Konbiniya
5. Budgies Burritos