Wednesday, October 1, 2014

my new home... & some.

my new home is cute & quaint.
the fact that i can now sleep in and walk to work is pretty rad.
& i think i'm just as equally excited about having my own fridge.
i've been off gluten/wheat & dairy for a couple months now- so it's nice to be able to 
get creative in the kitchen
... my own kitchen ;)

last night i attended my first community group (bible study).
it was such an encouragement to hear stories of other people's faith and and day-to-day struggles and break throughs.
and to be able to just pray for one another- in a group of believers. 
so much power in that. 

for awhile i'd considered joining a community group but constantly excused myself due to the fact that i was "too busy" or lived "too far".
that, and i was just intimidated, lazy and, frankly, the desire was just not there.
but with this move (and changed heart), there are no excuses. 
thank God.

after community group della & i hit up the astoria for a quick minute b/c
they were putting on an evening that consisted of awesome throwback music AND dance lessons...
i learned the hussle.
what the heck?!
so fun!

Friday, September 26, 2014

so. much. STUFF.

i'm a little weird when it comes to packing.
especially when packing to MOVE.
where to begin?
so. much.

the move is thrilling- but there's a million & one things on my mind.
just exhausted.
please pray for this gal.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"i'm moving in a few days."

i'm moving in a few days.
in short, The Lord placed an opportunity before me, and i had only to accept it.
i'll be a 10-15 minute walk from both wings + horns & garmentory,
and one of my best friends, Della, lives right above me in the building.
undoubtably, the day before and of will be hectic and stressful... like most moves are.
but overall i can only say that i am just tremendously grateful.
every day i am just so overwhelmed by the blessings that God has been pouring into my life.
people, opportunities, friendships, challenges...
i've struggled a ton over certain situations recently- things that i cannot make sense of.
 and i know that the only source of true joy that has given me hope and peace is from God, Himself.
when i rely on my own strength, i'm only setting myself up for failure & disappointment.
therefore, i choose to place my trust in the Lord.
He knows my struggles- and He knows exactly how to pull me through.

"On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased"
Psalm 138:3


2. Vans
3. Adidas Gazelles

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"summer is sweet but fall is cozy."

this was taken on one of our last nice days of summer.
i look forward to fall weather.
summer is sweet but fall is cozy.
it's coffee in the morning and tea before bed. 
it's funky patterned socks 'n sneakers.
it's probably leaving your umbrella on the bus... for the third time.
it's spending the night in and baking something warm and comforting.
it's spending the night in and reading the Word.
it's spending the night in and working on that recording that you'd been meaning to do months ago.
it's spending the night in and reflecting on your day. your week. the month. 
it's waking up to the pitch black morning & walking to work as the sun is rising. 
it's realizing you wore too many layers and having to strip off a layer. or three.
it's soaking in a nice bubbly bath until your fingers have turned to prunes.
it's chilly and damp.
it's Baby's first steps into winter.