Thursday, July 28, 2016

the latest: rib update (that you're probably sick of hearing about)

turns out it's not a bruised rib.

i caved and went to the ER after work today.
i'm still experiencing ongoing discomfort and pain so i wanted to get things straightened out.
doc says it looks like a "subluxed rib at the sternal junction". (uh, okay...)
possibilities of a fracture as well but she couldn't confirm from the x-ray.
either way treatment is pretty much what i've already been doing.
ibuprofen and more rest.

sort of a neat story though-
i told the doctor that the injury was likely from rolling in jiu jitsu; which lead to her asking where i trained.
i told her DCS and then she gently bragged that she also takes jiu jitsu but at Gracie Barra.
hah! so rad.
we discussed how we're both fairly new to the sport and how injuries are a lot more common when not really knowing what one is doing; which is certainly true... but that we love jits nonetheless.
as i said thank you and good bye, she replied with "see you in the future... hopefully in a tournament".
i turned, chuckled and sort of said under my breath, "haha, eeeyeahh", and walked off.

all in all, i'm thankful that there's nothing too serious going on.
i'm also trying to seek a more positive outlook on the whole 'resting' rule.
i have a ton more time on my hands to do things that i was neglecting while on my training rampage.
like getting my laundry done at a decent hour, cooking/baking, going for walks, rekindling my creative side, meeting up with friends, getting a little shopping in (oopsie)... and so on.

mannnn, sometimes i'm just way too quick to whine and complain about situations before trying to seek out the blessings. 
they're there somewhere.

patience, child. 

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