Thursday, August 29, 2013


oat bar (um, yum) / 
rhinestone ear cuff, mj wallet, sunnies (new) / 
lavender latte (also um, yum)


airborne unicorn.

 lime crime (airborne unicorn) purple lipstick, ebay skeleton ear cuff.

on my way home from work the other day i noticed my ear cuff was missing from (wadd'ya know) my ear. i was bummed out cause i quite like it- it's just simple with a bit of edge. 
in the morning, when i got out of bed, i stepped on something and (VOILA) it was on the ground!
i guess it'd fallen into my blouse, thank goodness!

*nice big sigh of relief*

& a new shade of purple for my lips.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

new beginnings...

last work day at aritzia.

la la laaa...
first day at oak + fort.

i luv my new job.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

be here .

my sister's room.



jus' messin' witcha.


Friday, August 23, 2013

but it's all good in tha hood.

sports bra/top- Community Thrift, shorts & hat- Aritzia, backpack- Hello Kitty

oii. what a day that was.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


tasseled hair & dark eyes.


i've got (another) crush.

introducing (if you haven't yet been acquainted): 
Fanny Lyckman

as you may already know i have quite a soft spot for swedish fashion.
Fanny makes everything she wears look so insanely fantastic- i'll be spending a bunch of time trying to find an outfit on her blog i dislike & end up failing at my attempt. 

she's good... she's good...


Sunday, August 18, 2013

IT or not.

``everything about her seems to be saying, listen, if you don`t look 
attentively, if you don`t go beyond my simplicity to detect the 
simmering volano in me, you are not it.``

-Rawi Hage


hair haze

see-thru sleeved tee & crystal necklace- 8th and Main , sporty shorts- Aritzia

cue "Dancing on my Own".

tonight was strange. i felt slightly useless and bored. 
probably because if my show was still running i'd be performing tonight. 
instead i sat on my couch & then snapped a few pics.

the day, though, was lovely
it was my momma's bday & my sis and i planned a surprise lunch with all of her besties.
it went super well & we all had a great time.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day off- music recording.

today i went in the studio and did some recording & playing around with a song i'm working on with a great couple (who wrote/produced it). 

i came home and figured i'd do some recording of my own.
tonight i picked up my guitar and attempted to record "Clown" by Emeli Sande. 
i just started playing the guitar again. it's been ages.
i was never all that good.
it's just a nice feeling to sing & play
i'll post the youtube vid on here once it's all loaded.
i would love your feedback :)


scary x baby spice

lunch bag clutch & boyfriend denim- Zara, camo tee- Community Thrift, choker- Brandy Melville (US)

90's flashback.
semi non-intentional.
i'm back in the curl game.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

tortoise + noir.

black crop top- American Apparel, black dress- Zara, BLACK clutch- Ego Closet, black pouch- H&M, tortoise shell sunnies- Karen Walker

i ripped this crop top at work the other day.
i was sad.


Monday, August 12, 2013

RUDE GIRL photshoot

 Photos from the RUDE GIRL photo shoot.
You can buy their clothing online: RUDE GIRL.


HYPEBEAST // Nocturnal Workshop

you guyZ!
[for Nocturnal Workshop]

ch-ch-check it!


Friday, August 9, 2013


strappy heels- eBay

i'm not one to wear heels very often.
so if i'm gonna buy heels they better look damn good.
i'd say these babies fit pretty well into the "damn good" criteria. 
actually, mainly because they are so comfortable.
i began avoiding heels after having back issues because, well, 90% of the heels i own have 
very little comfort, if any.
so, i can actually wear these out for the evening trusting that i won't wake up the next day and suffer with no feeling in my feet. 



-then out of no where came August

4 more performances and i'm done the run of the show!
it'll be bitter sweet but honestly i can't wait to be free.
no musicals, no school.
just working, recording and auditioning [& hopefully landing some]. 
i thought that summer was going to be the time where i'd have more free time on my hands
but it appears that isn't the case.
i wonder if that's how it'll be come september


O.K with being not O.K

I'm quite content being someone who cries often.

I don't know who I’d be without all my tears.