Tuesday, November 9, 2010

screw that.

know what?
i'm really really sick of not saying what i want to say. holding back.
and i don't mean telling some girl that her TNA sweater is ugly or that some guy's hair looks like a rat's nest.
no no. i mean, telling someone how you feel [how you FEEL].
you know.
sadly, i have the disease many face. the disease that doesn't allow you to speak feelings & has you stranded on the wrong island wondering why you just couldn't say what you wanted to.
i wouldn't say this relates to me as of now. now now, this week, or month.
but somewhere... many times in the past, i WISH I HAD SAID [THAT].
can we please just be honest with each other here?
it'll save a GREAT deal of time.


Friday, November 5, 2010


Tomorrow= Saturday + nina&i + VFW
i was invited by stan, a photographer for vancouver fashion week, to come to the show tomorrow & do some blogging.
heck yes!
i wish blogging + attending a fashion show was my life every weekend...
the show is running till the 7th!
so for all you locals, if you have not yet gotten tix... grab em ASAP!
just go to vancouverfashionweek.com

ps. went to salvation army this week & snagged a fringed purply, burgundy scarf & blouse.
the blouse is... how do i describe it...
the pattern reminds me of some sort of art museum in europe. 
its neat...