Tuesday, November 9, 2010

screw that.

know what?
i'm really really sick of not saying what i want to say. holding back.
and i don't mean telling some girl that her TNA sweater is ugly or that some guy's hair looks like a rat's nest.
no no. i mean, telling someone how you feel [how you FEEL].
you know.
sadly, i have the disease many face. the disease that doesn't allow you to speak feelings & has you stranded on the wrong island wondering why you just couldn't say what you wanted to.
i wouldn't say this relates to me as of now. now now, this week, or month.
but somewhere... many times in the past, i WISH I HAD SAID [THAT].
can we please just be honest with each other here?
it'll save a GREAT deal of time.


1 comment:

nik said...

i know what you mean. sigh...

hey! that girl on the left is meeeee!!! luv uuuuuu na ka!