Monday, June 30, 2014

name calling

blouse & blazer- Aritzia, pants w/ side pockets- Isaac Penn, Michael Kors purse

so far, while wearing this blouse, i've gotten "priest" and "chef".
... keep em coming


Sunday, June 29, 2014

in between

i hate myself because i don't know how to love you,
and i don't know how to let you go.


RIP coat season

coat & faux leather crop top- Zara, pants- J Brand, Adidas kicks and Topshop backpack

the other day was probably my last chance to wear this coat for a little while.
 it was a tad warm to be wearing it during the day
but it was useful when the evening rolled around. 
i missed this coat. 
if i ever come across one that's longer, hopefully down to my ankles
i will go seriously nuts.


Saturday, June 28, 2014


in no particular order, these are my "lately's".
... a.k.a the past two weeks of being mia from the blog.

photos include: wings+horns x Ken Diamond showroom event, reddot art event, being a sloth, 
tea drinking & sun soaking, morning essentials, and maybe a hint of shopping


oh, baby, baby doll.

 baby doll dress- Aritzia, flatform sandals- Topshop

this whole outfit, (including the hair), is pretty outta the norm for me... other than the choice of all black.
but it was refreshing to switch'er up.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

i know not hair.

it's a rare occasion when i decide when i work up the "energy" to curl my hair.
there are only so many days that i can go with that ridiculous half bun on top of my head.
oh pls, i know you were thinking it.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

and to be perfect, i need time ~


"He said to me, 'you're perfect,
and I want you to be mine.'
But I felt I wasn't worthy,
and to be perfect, I need time.

I knew it would be worth it,
and I could be better if I tried.

Then he got tired of waiting,
and I watched my chance go by. "

- Lang Leav


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

solid ground.

Photos by: Donnel Garcia

look 1: Frankie Collective vintage kimono, American Apparel crop top, Zara shorts, Wolf Circus fishbone necklace (worn as choker) and Sarah Mulder moon necklace.
look 2: Frankie Collective vintage crop top and Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker, Aritzia (Wilfred Free) shorts, Adidas Superstars, Wolf Circus fishbone necklace (worn as choker) and Sarah Mulder moon necklace.
look 3: Frankie Collective re-worked Calvin Klein tank, Zara shorts and Adidas Superstars.

while we were photographing a segment of these photos an older man came out of his house and asked us what we were doing-
(we WERE taking photos on his property)...
but i simply replied "taking photos?
a slight hesitance in my voice... 
he replies with an "okay" and proceeds to cautiously watch over us. 
he then mentions that he just had his car stolen a couple days previous.
well poor guy... he was probably paranoid. 
we ended up having a somewhat friendly conversation with him, talking about the weather and asking about his car.
he was pretty choked about the loss but he made it seem like he was taking it all pretty well.
before walking back inside he quickly adds: "feel free to take your pictures around here".


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Woodlot coconut wax candle~

this "rekindle" coconut wax candle by Woodlot is heavenly.
the blend of sandalwood and vanilla is earthy and sweet.
the perfect combo.

can't wait for my next bubble bath...
lightin' this baby up.

you can find their dreamy candles HERE.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

food & pics but not pics of food. (or maybe just one).

yesterday i met up with donnel and we snapped some pics for Frankie Collective, the new women's line for F as in Frank
we grabbed some grub at Lucy's afterward. 
i wish i could explain to you  why i believed it to be SANE 
to have an oreo milkshake AND pulled pork pancakes
... i felt like a log after not even being able to finish my meal
picture: food coma x10.
but i mean, y'know, it was great, it was super good.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Sarah Mulder Jewelry | June feature on "Style Stories"

photos: Matt Bourne

i had the pleasure of being featured on Sarah Mulder's Style Story for the month of June.
holy moly.
i really, truly feel honored.
her jewelry is simply gorgeous.
click HERE for the rest of the photos & my interview


black, white & blood red .

 American Apparel cropped top, Oak + Fort trousers, 8th & Main long black vest, wings+horns bag, Topshop sandals

i've been doing that thing again where i complain about the heat.
what is wrong with me.


i don't want to be a bad woman~