Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"is that a dress you're wearing?"

bomber jacket- H&M, grey dress- Topshop, cross tights- ASOS, socks- American Apparel, boots- Joe Fresh, red tartan button-up- 2nd hand, suede purse- Zara, snapback- Stussy

 i still can't get over how embarrassing it is that i'm even putting up these horrible outfit, mirror shots.
a part of me is like "w.e" and the other half is slightly repulsed
my rents are kindly buying me a tripod; which i'll receive in a couple weeks.
see, i told you to hold onto your panties!!
...or did i?
anyway, better outfit shots coming (in a couple)...

ps. i rarely wear dresses, especially during the freezing cold winter season.
but today i sucked it up and was all like wahheveaaa.


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