Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Finally. we made it.
hello palm springs. & hello crappy weather from this day forward :(
why is it that when we get here the weather goes all yucky? [& when i have to leave- and my parents are still here- i lose out on the good weather?]
well, i gotta feel fortunate that we gotta do tons'a shopping & i'm so thankful.
WASTELAND!-- amazing vintage/designer/2nd hand picked store on melrose ave.
this was my second time [i knew i had to go back again after the first time].
nik & i go crazy there... it's really hard not to. the prices aren't too die for, but they aren't all that bad. they got some real neat stuff.... i'm really pleased with my purchases :)))
nik wants to do yoga tomorrow and then sun tan [it's suppose to be 17 degrees out... but SHOWERS].... okay nik......
& she plans on us doing yoga. that i can agree to.
ace hotel may also be a possibility.
can i get a 'holaaaa' for no more fast food? 
[pics come tmrw! the internet connection here sucks so it takes forever to upload pics]


1 comment:

nik said...

jah and WHO told u bout wasteland thank you very much!
and yes, you need to do some yoga espesh after eating a lotta fast food and no exercise. haha...