Monday, December 27, 2010

roadtrip blues...

Not to sound spoiled rotten [which this will probably come across as]- but if i have one more bite of fast food--- i dont know... but i'm sick of it. 
driving on the road for 15 hours in one day means lots of napping [with the snuggie & having my sisters foot in my face when she's sleeping], great amount of fast food, TJ MAXX [my mom is a TJ MAXXaholic, and plenty of jokes made by the father.
yesterday we were up early and wound up in a hotel late late at night-- or early early morning you could say.
i bought a few items from f21 yesterday. can i get a 'woot woot!' for no tax [we're hittin up all our favorite stores in oregon]
i'm currently using wifi at mcD's.
my dad's freaking out cause my mom and sis just came back from the store with BAGSSSS of stuff.we have no room for it in the car....
ooo baby...


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