Wednesday, April 2, 2014

this week ... woah.

1. jethro's pancakes. o.m.g. i think i managed to dent a quarter of the thing. 
the next morning i had leftovers and could only mow another quarter 
& then i was donezo. super good though. 
2. offwhitepartay.
3 & 4. wings had the vest i was looking for. crazy. also i caught a pretty rainbow.
5. feelin' gray.
6 & 7. yuhhh...
8 & 9. finally sandals weather. 
10. hardatwork.
11. sandals. again. also had a great time cutting up my denim.
12. today was my last day working with my manager! 
he is amazing and fabulous and i'm so sad. wishin' him the best ! 



Anonymous said...

you look so cute!
especially in the last pic with your manager!

Asta Linda Dembele said...

i live in london and seeing the pancakes is making me want to fly over to Vancouver right nowza!