Sunday, November 24, 2013

THIS sunday.

what would i do without them?
honestly, though.
a day to go to church and praise God and really soak in the good Word of the pastor's message. 
lately i've been feeling pretty convicted on these days.
heck. lately? for the past (goodWHILE.
but man, today has really given me a great, new perspective.
i don't know why TODAY
i don't know why it wasn't 2 or 3 or 4 or however many years ago.
but today i snapped out of it and realized how sick and tired i was of this feeling of heavy
 guilt i came to church with every. single. sunday
the sort of guilt where i would sit in church feeling so upset with myself about the decisions
 and actions that i made throughout the week knowing i needed to change while i would
 then come back to church the following week and once again feeling the same conviction,
 while this went on week after week after week
thank GOD our God is a forgiving God
thank GOD that He is always there with open arms. 
always willing to take us back when we ask for forgiveness.
never saying "well... i forgive you but i'm still a little upset that you lied about [insert 'lie' here __________]."
it's done. in the past. 
my sins are forgiven.

today, after church, i had the chance to spend some good heart-to-heart time with my
lovely friend, Skylar.
i thank GOD for her. 
i can't say how blessed i feel to have another Jesus-loving 
(and i say Jesus-loving with zero shame) friend in my life 
who i can speak to about my faith and who can give me great spiritual advice

 i really just thank GOD for my wonderful friend, Skylar.
for this day.
and for always expressing His overflowing, unconditional love (through everything).



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