Sunday, March 16, 2014

14 whythehecknot[?] facts.

in case you were curious... 
foreword: this is sorta weird. i don't do this. but perhaps you hardly know me at all...

1. self-conscious feet.
2. broke my baby pinky in karate when i was 9.
3. icecream-o-holic.
4. always in a hoodie at home. 
5. always wished my family had a reality tv show.
6. serious case of indecisiveness.
7. thumb war champ. 
8. oh. scrabble as well. 
9. i talk to myself. a lot. but i hear that's normal... right? ["right"].
10. harem/drop-crotch pants 4ever.
11. choco chip pancakes= key to my heart...  /stomach.
12. Christ follower.
13. classically trained in singing. 
14. bunnies... but, duhh.



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