Tuesday, March 18, 2014

day 1 .

welcome to my new [work] home.
 the wings + horns // reigning champ flagship store .
today was my first shift.
what a delightfully friendly, chill vibe. 
as soon as i stepped in i was introduced to all the rad people who work in the back office/warehouse. 
[it's attached just behind the showroom].
neat, huh?
felt very welcomed by the team.

was a tad overwhelmed by all the pieces that i wanted to take home.
but, of course.
& the fact that both brands are essentially menswear clothing doesn't bother me at all.
sweaters, hoodies, tees- i'll take em.
naturally i tried on a few things...

... show ya later what i got.

i also may or may not have a giant goose egg on my forehead from carelessly walking straight into the glass door before leaving the store.
face first.
that, uh, happened.

like that awkward girl who did the same thing in that movie...
"it's okay guys, i'm fine". 


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