Wednesday, October 1, 2014

my new home... & some.

my new home is cute & quaint.
the fact that i can now sleep in and walk to work is pretty rad.
& i think i'm just as equally excited about having my own fridge.
i've been off gluten/wheat & dairy for a couple months now- so it's nice to be able to 
get creative in the kitchen
... my own kitchen ;)

last night i attended my first community group (bible study).
it was such an encouragement to hear stories of other people's faith and and day-to-day struggles and break throughs.
and to be able to just pray for one another- in a group of believers. 
so much power in that. 

for awhile i'd considered joining a community group but constantly excused myself due to the fact that i was "too busy" or lived "too far".
that, and i was just intimidated, lazy and, frankly, the desire was just not there.
but with this move (and changed heart), there are no excuses. 
thank God.

after community group della & i hit up the astoria for a quick minute b/c
they were putting on an evening that consisted of awesome throwback music AND dance lessons...
i learned the hussle.
what the heck?!
so fun!

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