Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mon - Sun

sweater- Zara, skirt- thrifted, sneakers- Reebok

 coat- Aritzia, tee- Oak + Fort, boots- Zara, denim - J Brand

no matter how many "new weeks" there are to come, every one of the them ends up being 
jam-packed & i find myself (what feels to be) unbearably busy
i've always argued, though, that being busy is a good thing- to a certain extent. 
this week and the last, however, had undeniably thrown me off kilter.
today's church service gave me a great perspective- i'm reminding myself
to stay thankful (no matter the circumstance) and trust that The Lord has everything figured out for me already.
i just gotta call on Him.
and no matter how many times i find myself full and satisfied, there always comes a dip in life.
and normally those are the moments when i come up with excuses to try to work things out on my own account.
and, of course, i fail.
i become frustrated and discouraged.
it's a pattern that's hard to break.

so. today, i hit the refresh button.
... it almost sounds too simple.
but thankfully our God is gracious and merciful and doesn't expect anything in return when we repent.

The Lord is my strength:
on the day i called He answered me, my strength of soul He increased. 
... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

i ended the week nicely with a fitness/lifestyle shoot with my good friend, Ann and photographer Lauren
Ann is a HUGE inspiration to myself and many others.
one year ago we all had our first shoot together for Ann and it was such a neat experience for us all.
the three of us just work really well as a team.
although i was looking forward to this shoot, i was also fairly stressed.
i wanted it to be amazing! Ann deserves that.
she disciplined herself and trained so hard for this day.
... and the photos make that so evident.
very similar to our first shoot i again did her make-up, hair and styling.
i wish every shoot could be as wonderful and run as smoothly as today.
as always, i look forward to sharing the final product photos of this shoot with you all!

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melissa said...

I finally ordered my gazelle's online. It will be a man's size so I m crossing my fingers it will fit, cause I can't find it for women. Yours looks dope. xx