Tuesday, November 25, 2014

feminine vs masculine

(T.Babaton) Aritzia coat, Zara scarf, loafers & purse, Army & Navy toque, American Apparel socks

 (T.Babaton) Aritzia coat and toque, Zara culottes, Nike AF1's, thrifted bag

 Stutterheim rain coat, Army & Navy toque, Reebok Classics, J Brand jeans

 wings + horns bomber, Zara tank, (T. Babaton) Aritzia joggers, Adidas Gazelle's, Army & Navy toque

 (Wilfred Free) Aritzia cropped hoodie & (Wilfred) tank, wings + horns combat quilted vest, Woo To See You distressed denim, polka dot Happy Socks

(T. Babaton) Aritzia coat, Zara denim, tee and purse, Adidas Gazelle's, Army & Navy toque

i probably own about 10 Army & Navy toques.
because they are $1. 
they're all i wear.
(well, not ALL).

we all have that particular "thing" that we insist we "can't have enough of".
i went through fazes of sunglasses, coats, snapbacks, earrings, lipstick...
i guess now it's sneakers, hoodies, toques and socks
... i can just feeeeel the warmth and comfort from that sentence.

if you ever happen to find me in a skirt or dress... flats or heeled boots, know that
you've caught me in a somewhat unusual, very rare occasion.
and then leave it at that.

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