Monday, December 9, 2013

another week here & gone .

 i spent last night with skylar and some of the people from our church/her community group.
it was a get together in which i consumed yummy wine, yummy desserts 
and also involved a piano, singing and some lovely conversations. 
i had a great time.

in the morning sky made us THE MOST TO-DIE-FOR breaky
homemade banana bread french toast [w/ eggnog instead of milk], raspberries, strawberries and banana for the toppings avec "noble handcrafted" tahitian vanilla bean matured maple syrup drizzled atop. 
homemade homestyle potato "fries" w/ peppers, onions & seasoning.
an eggnog latte for herself and a lavender latte for myself. 
uhm, can you say "wifey material"?
honestly, boys...

afterward, despite the chill & seeing as it was a bright, sunny day, we walked to church.
i probably say this every sunday but i seriously cannot picture what my life 
would be like without sundays.
they are SO needed.
enough with the valley girl talk.

night night.

PS. donnel & i will be taking photos this week for the F as in Frank collab!
stay tuned...


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