Saturday, December 14, 2013


 here we have it, Vancouver.
 a nice taste of the winter chill.

my dress code?
i'm either in layer upon layer [upon layer]
i've thrown on a light jacket & i'm out the door.

i'll expand:

sometimes i just don't care.
sometimes i wake up in the morning with a coffee/tea in hand &
walk out the door without even the slightest consideration that maybe [just maybe]
it's minus 8 degrees out. 
SOMETIMES i just wanna dress the way i wanna frickin dress.
and so then i freeze... 99% of the time.
but then i find myself at the end of the day asking myself how i survived
& without ever having a proper explanation i just accept that it will
always be "battle of the weather" when it comes to my style choices.

and so i'll go to sleep, 
wake up

and [probably] do it all over again. 

 military-style button-up- F as in Frank [vintage Polo, Ralph Lauren], hoodie- American Apparel (mens), leggings- Oak + Fort and Nike runners.


i'd been going over and over how to properly layer for this weather
& for awhile i was a little stumped.

so i throw on a basic top & add a blazer/cardigan/vest overtop?
 okay, sure. 
 i can layer a sweater or hoodie over top of a tunic over top of an even longer tunic.
add a scarf.
 add a hat. 
...add earmuffs [or don't]
i like to refer to this process of layering as "blobbing
simply b/c one may end up looking like...[duh] a friggin' BLOB.

i can't tell you it's the most flattering look.
blobbing isn't some sort of "mating call technique".
in fact it may not even get you a single glance from the male sex.
it just is what it is.
the real goodoversizedbaggy sweaters that have ZERO shape to them are like...
how do i say this?

it's like
eating the eyeball of a fish,'s the best part.

[...yes, i'm filipino]. 

 oversized denim jacket [vintage Polo, Ralph Lauren] & snapback- F as in Frank, DIY distressed denim, hoodie- American Apparel (mens), scarf- Zara and Nike runners.

photos taken by: donnel garcia


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