Saturday, February 1, 2014

---Back 2 the chillz---

coat- Topshop, pants- Zara, Nike Air Force 1 shoes, purse- Michael Kors, Happy Socks

styled and modelled by myself
photos by: Matt Bourne

i'm home.
well i have been for a week now.
but i've been all over the place.
i'm sleepy and mellow today.
yesterday was my bday.
wend to Wildebeest for Dine Out Vancouver and then headed out to Fortune afterward.

what a strange day.
my thoughts are a little muddled.
so i'm sitting with a pot of tea, my bunny pants, pink fuzzy slippers & hanging with me, myself and i. 

these photos were taken the day after i arrived back in van.
thanks matty.


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