Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"all the coffee in columbia won't make me a morning person .

i keep telling myself that i will eventually get used to 5 and a half hours of sleep four times a week. school... i wake up at 5:30 most days and get to school by 8:30 [it's a long arse commute]. i apologize if this sounds like a rant.
i'm really thankful to be going to a school that has this incredible program. i've already learnt a heap load'a stuff & my teachers are most professional. 
it's tiring though. lot's of studies & work & coffee just doesn't do it anymore.
so naps on the 2 hr commute home may take place.
thank you:
-nina's shoulder
-bus window & arm rest
-my backpack
for being my 'pillow'.
reading break coming up soon eh! this time may simply be used for strict sleep.


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