Friday, April 8, 2011

HOW TO: head scarf!

Awhile ago i had posted this pic of the 'turban-like head scarf'.
i came up with this style myself randomly one day, bored. 
it's not necessarily the 'proper' way of wearing it but it's my style/ take on it & i find that it works quite nicely :)
So...i decided to expose my secret... & teach you how to do it... for those who are interested. 
it's neat cause it's a style that can be used for any season. 
the above photo i am using a thicker scarf and below is a thinner scarf.


uno: Fold the scarf in half so that it creates a ▲ shape [attach point to opposite point], then keep folding the scarf so that it ends up being a fairly thin line like so...
dos: Wrap the scarf around head so that it is evenly placed and begin to cross at the centre of forehead...
 tres: After crossing at forhead, cross once more in the same direction & tighten...
 cuatro: The tighter you wrap the scarf, the easier & nicer the scarf will stay in place. Now tuck in each end of the scarf to the side/back of the headband...
 cinco: Voila! you should now have something that looks similar to this!
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Isabel Spectre said...

This was so helpful! I used it.. ahh! thank you!! I love finding new ways to tie head scarves <3

Sabrina O. said...

WOW! It looks amazing! Thank you so much ;-)

natt said...

thanks ladies, hope it works out for you two :)