Monday, April 4, 2011

pretty things that tickle my toes [BACK]

back in action! bebe.
thanks to nina who went out of her way to purchase more GB for the blogs. or whatever you'd like to call it. it was a weird process but it's done & now photos can be uploaded so all is well :)
last month. last freakin month: of school. 
i've already started making a summer bucket list. the benefits of being a university student?
i now have 4 months of summer break rather than 2 and a bit when in high school. sis [nik] leaves today for australia for 4 months... im sad. 
i bid her farewell last night and we had a good long laugh together because.. we are dorks.
however, i'm excited for her. she's gonna be doing thangs fashion oriented & i'm sure she'll do just fine :)
if you haven't yet visited me & nina's new vintage blog, you can do it here
i'm planning on investing in an alexander wang bag...
& piercing my septum in a couple weeks. do i hear any opinions or advice? ;)



Anonymous said...

i know how badly you want your septum pierced, but you can't pull it off. you're gorgeous, and there's so much stuff you can pull off, but this is not one of them! it would just look really, really bad. i don't want to be mean, i just really want you not to ruin your gorgeous face haha

Isabel Spectre said...

ooo I like septum piercings a lot, when they look good ^-^.. I think you would be able to work it, some people cant though.. I love the picture of that purple hair.. eep.. beautiful!