Saturday, April 9, 2011

locked on.

Well.. me hair is a'growin & it's a'growin fast, me friends.
it's strange to think that a year & a bit ago i was rockin' out with my pixie cut. 
i do miss it sometimes, however, hair is hair & it grows back [quick in my case] so a good chop to the locks is a definite possibility i'm holding onto for the future. 
i'd like to go lighter with it though, like....
i've mentioned it before, but for realz this time, i really really wan'it. 
since these photos [last 2] i'd never seen hairstyles like them before.
SO NEAT! if anyone knows how to do this, please do not hesitate to inform me on how it's done. i'd love to learn. eets so purdy.


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sinead said...

so after looking at the braiding of the last two pictures( and i absolutely adore them and want them done on my hair) i may be able to do that. im gonna practice on someone and ill let you know if it works :)