Friday, May 6, 2011

busy bee

it's almost been a week.
& i apologize. so many things have come up & i didn't even get a chance to finish talking about my experience at the vancouver opera -- La Traviata.
after the show i noticed that my right ear was plugged & for some reason i couldn't hear out of it... then it started hurting a bit. after alison and i left and i was driving home the pain was so unbearable that it was almost unsafe that i was driving. when i got home mi madre took me to the ER. i guess it was some sort of ear infection from my cold. the doctor's words when he looked into my ear with his special..'doctor tool' was "well that looks uncomfortable. 
HAH. yeah. just a tad.
thought the set and costumes were: ugh. incredible. i wish those dresses were still worn nowadays.
the staging, however, at times seemed a bit stiff. call me crazy.
there were times when i wanted Alfredo to just embrace Violetta when she is dying in bed.
or just to move in general..
however! i still very much enjoyed the opera. there's no denying the voices were incredible. i mean, if you've never been to an opera before, GO! it will blow your mind.
the other fabulous bloggers from the evening:
Gwendolyn Floyd
Stacey Robinsmith
Frances Sprout
& not that alison & i weren't already basically twins... we find that we both have hankies...
i NEVER carry hankies around. but i was sick & my vicious cough was going to need a special something to tame it... anyhow, we thought our much matching was cute.
the rest of my week consisted of handing out of resumes.
i am now a server at skyhawk restaurant at boundary bay airport! holaaaaaa!
i had my first shift yesterday but didn't serve. i just learned the ropes.
but everyone there is real nice, especially the regulars. very different environment from bp and i like it soo much better. although, i do miss my bp friends. it's going to be weird not seeing them so often. but some changes are for the best... i  believe this was for the best ;)
i'm getting my hurrrr done monday! finally right?!
i'm gonna be doing a dye.. or bleach. however you call it.
these are my 'hair color' inspirations: 
i'm assuming i won't be able to achieve this color the first trip to the hair salon considering my hair is DARK brown. but i'd like something close to these choices [end-result-wise].
im excited! i love doing crazy things with my hair. cause it's hair, and whatever happens hair grows back, or, colours fade. so if i end up disliking the final look, it's just hair and i can cure it back to normal after time ;)


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