Thursday, May 26, 2011

hawaiian sun

So because i steal the crappy mcdonalds wifi from across the street (so that i don't have to spend bloody $10 a day for hotel wifi) , photos upload like one per ten minutes. therefore the top 2 photos will have to do for now. 
unexciting? i know. 
it basically states that we visited the royal hawaiin hotel &...what's that? a new skirt... f21.
we all know how crazy i go when i'm put in that store. what's that? you didn't know? 
now you do.
thing is though, when i get to the cash register (after trying on loadsssss of clothing) i only end up with, at most, 10 articles of clothing. 
so i'm not THAT  crazy... thanks.
so i think i'll splurge my thoughts i've had the past couple days:
1. 90% of the people on this island are couples. kill me...right? yaw.
2. gets real windy at night! i only brought 2 cardigans- 1 being my white knitted one that has tons of (purposeful) holes. 
3. i'm burnt. no seriously... i'm burnt. if you need specificity: my whole bod. 
4. this vacay consists of: eat, sleep, tan... & repeat. & remember to repeat what you repeat...
hmm what else?
we had sushi tonight. but not your typical sushi (no nina not sushi... ACTUAL sushi)
i'm honestly too lazy to try to describe what it was like but i'll post the photo i took sometime in the future (when i don't have to deal with poop wifi).
however, i should be thankful that mcD's gives away free wifi... thanks... i like your mcflurries: oreo & smarties... mixed together :)
so now i'm boring you cause i'm rambling on about zip. or am i? what day is it today?
i'm tired. we get up early every morn to make the most of our day.
at night we like to watch river monsters unhooked... or something.. on discovery channel? 
real interesting.


1 comment:

nik said...'re so crazy tash. you weirdoooooo yoooooo!

the hawaiian hotel! you have no idea HOW ICONIC that place is! my fave mag, travel leisure featured it and it looked sooo pretty. you're so lucky you got to see it and touch it and take pics. many movie starts have been there too.

have fun drinking bubble tea! i always walk by the bubble tea stores here and wish i could get one, but they're like $4. so when i desperately can't hold out, then i'll go get one.