Sunday, June 12, 2011

i smell my hair. do you.

happy sunday!
i had a great time at church & meeting a few new people today...
topic switcharoo: my mom bought this freakin to-die-for hair conditioner a while back that i've been using and it's one of those icannotstopsmellingmyhair type of ordeals... or.. whatever?
i'm not going to update you on the nattjane life. there's nothing.
okay wait, one thing... i get many nice customers at the restaurant i work at. that's all.
just wanted to say that.
HAH. i feel like such a dork talking. maybe cause i was just watching jake and amir on youtube. fureakin hilar...ious.
p.s this hair that you were just getting used to is gonna be long gone by this week... stay tuned...


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