Wednesday, June 22, 2011

picnic por dos

In the above photos you should have noticed:
- the curly blonde.... er what? if i can recall this is the first time i've had my hair professionally curled. strange. i mean i've tried curling it myself before, but that always turns out to be one big epic _____.
a man lurking in the background.
- blue head scarf! time to whip out them scarves. i've posted a bunch'a different ways to wear em throughout my blog the last couple months. 
sunshine! the 2nd day of summer & boy was she a beaut. so.... nina & i bussed our butts to granville island and spent the day there. 
- in the 3rd photo nina looks like a mermaid with her legs in that position. HAH. or maybe i'm crazy, but i sure had a good laugh to myself at the time... 


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