Friday, July 8, 2011

i like...

i was thinking just the other day that it's funny i write about my life.
do you guys even care? 95% i say no. and that's fine. i wouldn't normally wanna read about someone else's life everyday unless it was interesting. but 90% of the time my life is just the same thing o'er. 
only continue reading if you actually care... if not i completely understand.
i got the side pouch belt and earrings i'd wanted from aldo.
BUT NO MORE. i seriously need to stop. & i got a vintage floral shirt and vintage animal print blouse. k SERIOUSLY now, no more. 
but if i must make some positivity of this, i'm quite happy with the purchases :)
very thankful.
wednesday was THE perfect day for the beach. i baked in the sun till 6pm. even fell asleep.
ah it was just wonderful. not too too hot. 
& sun makes me so cheerful... you too?

p.s.... and of course i like these photos. i like the rings. i like platform, tie-up sandals. i like the floral vest. i like her eyes, hat & hair.


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