Monday, September 5, 2011

ready or not... here comes school.

my evening snack: pita bread & hummus + lots n lots of green tea.
i'm all moved in. just not fully unpacked. 
it felt like i packed a crap load'a clothing. till they all went into my closet & drawers and although i was short on hangers the closet just didn't seem that full. but that's okay, because i have all my favorite pieces with me and left all the not-so-important ones back at home. 
i like my new place. however i do not like spiders and this place is crawling with them. outside and inside[apparently, since i just squished a big one with my Singers Musical Theatre Anthology book.] poor book. had to wipe off spider gutts. and poor spider. but i made sure it was a quick and painless death.
i'm done my back-to-school shopping. finished. no more.
after my day trip to seattle and my mini shopping spree today i call it quits. 
and school begins tomorow. 
yeah i know.
here we goooooo.....


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