Wednesday, December 21, 2011

60's EYEcon

twiggy for an evening n_n
it was my uncle's surprise bday & the theme was 60's.
i figured i'd dress up as twiggy & i'd always wanted to figure out how her make up was done.
so, i gave it a go and this is what i ended up with.
the eyes took me awhile to do... especially penciling the fake eyelashes underneath.
i even gave myself fake little freckles :P man, i wish i had real ones.
but it's a nice change from the regular eye make up i do when going out.
i think i'll do it more often.



nik said...

awww you're adorable! i like the freckles on you. but i luv them on me. too bad mine are real! haha... ;)

Anonymous said...

Your freckles are perfect