Sunday, January 8, 2012

californiasunshine. bye bye u_u

landed like 5 hours ago and got home a bit ago & i'm putting all my stuff away.... and by putting stuff away i mean throwing everything in the wash cause i'm too lazy to hang it all up. i realize a 3 hr flight means i'm obviously not going to be experiencing jet lag but i'm so exhausted from all the late nights. 
i had a great time spent with great friends.
the second i stepped off the plane today this weird sensation came over me and it's difficult to put into words. to say: i felt "new" just sounds stupid. 
i felt good. and confident and carefree. something i only felt in cali, but it was coming to vancouver with me. 
maybe cause i'm not stressed and cause people are different in cali than in van (so i believe) and i had a small change of heart.
and while i was walking out of the airport i was telling myself to just remember this feeling. even when i'm tired and i'm feeling sad, to somehow reminisce this experience so i can feel good again. 
the ending of my stay was similar, in a sense, to the last time i was in cali. and i somehow felt that would happen. but i'm not gonna think on it. some things happen and are meant just for fun.
school tmrw= family reunion.... n_n


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