Friday, March 16, 2012

a week and a bit later...

i am blue. i am so blue.
things just got emotional today. personal stuff to things like not getting into a theatre company that i was really hoping to get into, and be told i can't go to cali this summer to see my friends. 
i was so eager for these things to work out but instead plans went flat.
just shows you gotta take one day at a time.
i know God has a special plan for me, and i just have to be accepting of that.
i'm trying. 

ps. i realize i jumped on the "kony 2012" band wagon quite quickly.
i did a little research and i'm somewhat stuck between what invisible children is trying to actually promote and how their idea of sending more troops is going to, in the end, create 'peace'.
so in conclusion. i don't necessarily support the campaign they're trying to advertise, but i do think it's important that we open our eyes more to things in our world that we don't hear about everyday, or every week, or in a year or years. 
we all know there are people out there in other places of the world that are suffering much more than we are, but we tend to forget.
and once the "kony 2012" video came out it was like a reminder... an eye-opener for people to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering. 
much of what the video said was truthful- such as: i do believe we are able to make a change. 
we just have to remember how capable we are of our determination to help others instead of making it a one day or one week or one month participation and then forgetting all about it later down the road.
that's all i have for now to say about it.


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