Saturday, September 15, 2012

bunny tail

cut-out tank- Community Thrift [2nd hand], highwaist jeans- Jbrand, vintage jean jacket- Wasteland [2nd hand], bag- Zara, boots & gold arm cuff- ASOS, necklace- vintage 

i splurged & bought my first pair of jbrand jeans. the highwaist marias.
they feel uuhhmazing
and so i went out last night with a few friends for sushi then wandered along 
some eerie trails that lead to a neat little beach strip. 
if i'd known ahead of time i woulda worn grubs.
oh well, it was a blast!

ps. tried this new bun: you put it in a pony, 
tease the hair & wrap it around till it makes a puff. 


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