Sunday, September 30, 2012

new stuffs & the "butt grab" game

cut-out sweater, maxi skirt & heart necklace- Sheinside, gold leather cuff- Joe Fresh, casio watch- PLNDR
this was saturday.
it was a rocky morning 1. cause one of the snaps from my backpack broke off and 2. i planned to be super early for work but i mixed up the bus schedule so i ended up waiting an extra hour for my bus and was late for work.
but the evening was a blast. 
we went out for lindsay's bday & i played the "grab some guy's butt on the dancefloor without them knowing it was you" game.
i'm telling you, it's extremely amusing.
especially when they're dancing with someone and they both become very confused. 
i was peeing myself laughing cause no one knew it was me... till at least an hour later.
so stealth. 


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