Monday, September 17, 2012

Swede lovin'

i do not own these photos.

i don't think i've really shared how much i love swedish fashion.
these are just a few of my favorite swedish bloggers:

sometimes i get really pouty about how Vancouver is so behind when it comes to fashion. 
i'm not an obsessed fashion-forward gal, but i do like to keep my wardrobe, to a certain extent, up- to- date with a few pieces. 
i noticed  a few swedish bloggers buy much of their clothing online and at Zara and H&M.
i've definitely joined the online-shopping bandwagon but i don't often shop at H&M or Zara and if i do i can only find a few things i really like. 
it's funny cause i love how the swedish bloggers create outfits from these stores.
they make everything look so tasteful. 
perhaps it's also because Vancouver receives clothing in stores much later than (for instance) Europe. it's crappy i suppose. and makes it tough to keep up.
but that's fashion for ya.

ps. i'm planning a europe trip next year... eeep!


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