Sunday, October 21, 2012

sunday fun

quilted bomber jacket & purse- H&M, scarf & toque - Aritzia, tights- ASOS, Hunter gum boots 
[you can barely tell but in the first photo i'm wearing my blue rhinestone earrings! love em!]

nik & i went to catch 122 after church today for some YUMmy pancakes. 
stopped by the library for some books. tried for the longest time to sign in on the computer with our library cards (we both tried our own cards) & found out a half hour later we were using the wrong card... ohmygashhhhhhh...
nik bought a funky red, vintage asian-like cabinet for her place from the peking lounge.
neat little place- i'm going there once i move out and get my own place.
then i came home & took the nicest freakin bath i've taken in awhile & napped for a couple hours.


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nik said...

haha... and you said that you had A LOT of things to do when u got home! well thanks for helping me out pumpkin!