Tuesday, November 6, 2012

hair: calling for ideas!

today was an i'd-like-to-look-decent-at-school-but-since-it's-raining-and-i-gotta-wear-rain-boots-i'm-just-gonna-do-my-make-up-and-be-done-with-it day.
i guess the good news is that i found one of my favorite lipsticks [& may or may not have shed a few tears of joy while putting it on].
& that was it.

oh p.s. this ombre-looking hair has GOT to go.
you may remember me as a blonde last fall/winter & due to only having dyed it back to dark brown once, it slowly faded and turned a caramely color. 
this + roots= natural ombre
however, i'm not so much diggin that look much these days.
any suggestions on what i should do with it?
i'd love to hear some opinions. 


1 comment:

nik said...

dye it red red red! so we can be twins twins twins!!!