Thursday, November 15, 2012

Man Repeller @ Secret Location.

what i wore: (in a nutshell: LAYERS) vintage blouse, grey shirt- Oak and Fort, camo tee- Community Thrift, kimono- China, denim jacket & clutch- F21, distressed jeans- Zara, New Balance shoes, knuckle rings- Papers & Peonies

thank you, iphone, for taking some semi-decent quality pics on a very special evening. 
okay, so... 
at Secret Location in Gastown.

i had an amazing evening. 
my sis & i met her together and we chatted her up like she was an old friend.
she's cool & quirky just as i'd expected. 
she asked me about my (signature) lipstick (you guys see it on my lips in basically every post). Divine lipstick by Covergirl + MAC magenta lip pencil
she complimented my shoes & said she got them in burgundy, AKA oxblood.
and i died and went to heaven when she said she loved my outfit.
that's it. that's all i needed. her approval, and i could continue living life.

okay, that's sad.
i'm only being slightly sarcastic. 
i won't lie, i was trying to swallow the star-struck giddiness i had building up. 
i mean, she's the first well-known blogger i've met that i truly admire.
so it was neat.

met up with my friend, Cat, who is wearing the beige Moschino blazer + the palm trees design, and ran into Lauren + Danielle who looked ravishing in some funky vintage-wear. also saw our friend McKenneth AKA Little Fashionisto with his sweet, sleek style.
and Nina, who was djing looked smokin, as usual. 
half way through the night (now onto my #_(?)_ glass of wine....) i realized (or thought at the time) that Nina was dressed like Leandra
we all thought it was a hoot. 

that's all i can "remember".
 i had a blast.

ps. did you notice me & Nik's touch of asian-style to our outfits?
it was her idea.


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