Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the latest raging verb... PAJAMING

i nod in agreement to this whole "Pajaming" idea.
the verb was originally created by the one and only Man Repeller
here's a taste of what i'm preachin'...
remember as a teen when you thought it was cool to wear your comfy pajama bottoms to school? 
well... consider the idea but think a little more stylized
if i were to sport pajama-wear out and about i'd be sure to go the complete opposite way with my footwear, accessories/ jewelry, etc. 
the idea isn't to look as if you just stepped out of bed, but instead to look dressed with a purpose, which is what makes wearing pajamas out of the house O.K. 
[& secretly you just love how it feels as though you never even got outta bed].

For far more exciting, "Pajaming" fun go to the Man Repeller's post.
i promise, it will not put you to sleep...
[aaand we're just going to pretend that wasn't a sad punch line].


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