Saturday, November 10, 2012

wanting can still qualify for needing.

 black tee- Cheap Monday, white blouse- Romwe, coat- Aritzia, jeans- JBrands, toque & rhinestone earrings- H&M, grey boots- ASOS

it's now time to wear your toques without shame [yes, the weather says it's most necessary] & dark lipsticks, [ladies]. 
still can't get enough of toque + dangly earrings. 
all winter long, i tell ya.

seriously though, it was freezing today. like beautiful sun shiny but mutha flippin cold.
so instead of buying the big bag & leather gloves i bragged about in my last post i bought a scarf instead.
which makes sense though, right
don't answer that. 
whatever. i needed a scarf. just forgot to add that to my list.

so there.


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