Saturday, December 8, 2012


You're right.
i am a selfish person.
i am unkind.
and mean.

i don't like the way i am.

But i have to keep reminding myself that i can change.
No matter how many times i mess up.

i need to be humble:
i need to be yelled & and to stand there & take it in.
i need to learn to keep my mouth shut & listen.

Because the life i'm living isn't about how i can make myself happy.
It's about living and fulfilling the tasks that God is calling me to do.

i want to be a godly example to others.
i want people to know that i am a God-fearing person without even having to say it because they'll see from my actions and for my unconditional love toward others.

i yearn for this.

It's going to be a tough road to walk.
And i'll continue to stumble along the way.
But HE will guide my path & keep me under HIS wing.


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Jessica Choy said...

I love your Instagram! Just followed your blog now :)