Wednesday, December 12, 2012

haute dang! denim.

 boyfriend blazer- Aritzia, snapback & striped tee- H&M (guys), denim- JBrand, strappy purse-VJstyle, grey suede boots- ASOS

Yesterday i went out in the pouring rain with my suede boots.
don't ever do that.
even for fashion sake.

i went to Ann's Cotte D'Armes showroom and couldn't resist but to snag a pair of her UNBELIEVABLE denim.
i kid you not.
Vancouver really needs to step up it's game.
i'm getting tired of seeing the same old styles/fashion around here.
Cotte D'armes denim is one of a kind.
i can't help but brag about the amazing collection.

if you're interested in buying their denim it's currently selling at TODΔY you are special
in gastown. 
or you can contact Ann herself at

i dig the leather detailing around the legs and hip area. 
did i mention they're also the comfiest pair of the denim i own?
they fit like a glove.

ahhh it's love.


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