Friday, January 11, 2013

i can do "young". i can't do "getting older".

i haven't been afraid of growing up until now.
there's something about turning 21 that freaks me out.
i'll be legal anywhere in the world, but that's no longer exciting. 
it's not that 21 is a scary number or that it's "old"... i mean not even close.
i'm just afraid of growing up & not being able to do the things i enjoy doing now because it'll be "immature".
i don't want people to have certain expectations of me because i'm "grown up".
is it too late to take back what i said about wanting to grow up faster when i was a kid? 
i thought adults were crazy for telling me that i should learn to appreciate my youth.
but of course, they were right, as they usually are. 
all i wanted to do was grow boobs & be old enough to date & go out whenever i felt & drive a car & go to clubs/pubs & travel everywhere & own 10 dogs in my own apartment & eat lucky charms cereal at any time of the day.
that's all.
i'll take all that if i can just stay 21 forever. 



nik said...

forever 21.

Robynpy said...


i'm almost 27 and feeling the exact same way. it's a scary thought.