Monday, January 7, 2013

instagram: the simple joys of life

Photo #1- i am a bunny-lover. i had a bunny for many years when i was younger and have always had a special place for them in my heart :P & so naturally i couldn't say no to this toque...
Photo #2- cotton candy ice cream will probably forever be my favorite flavor... till i die, yo.
Photo #3- i think these guys are only sold outside of canada cause i've never seen em here before... they're extremely sugary & extremely delicious.
Photo #4- pomegranate seeds in a container, all-ready to be devoured. how perfect.
Photo #5- when i stayed at my friend's house in cali, my feet were always freezing at night (i think they have poor circulation) and so i randomly came across these slippers at bed, bath and beyond when i went with my friend elite. they are SO soft and cozy.
Photo #6- hello kitty has always had my heart. 


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