Friday, January 4, 2013

Something Spontaneous...

Yesterday four of us went to Santa Monica beach for a little sunshine & tanning.
Just as we decided it was time to go a man (who had been there for about an hour with his fancy camera) came up to me and basically told me he worked for Intel and needed someone in a bikini to be in his video shot- his model didn't show up.
i was pretty much the only one on the whole strip wearing a bikini... guess californians think it's still cold cause its winter there.
All i had to do was run into the water knee-deep for $100.
You may be thinking: what if he was some creep?
We asked plenty of questions to make sure he was legit & i didn't get any weird vibes.
Plus the video shoot didn't have any close-ups... just wide frame.
Apparently this is just something typical to happen in LA.


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