Thursday, February 28, 2013

for parm's sake

i'm home i'm hommmeee!
sweet home.
today i had photos for my school grad book.
we shot some formal and non-formal looks.
it was actually quite fun but exhausting.
i'm so happy to be home from school early for once and just have time to myself.
i tried cooking a fish for din and burnt the ish outta my finger in the oven.
how, might you ask? 
i forgot to throw parm on top of the fish so i opened the oven door, stuck my hand in the OVEN and shook on the parm and of course hit my finger on the top.
i cringed but kept shaking the parm (apparently nothing was going to stop me). 
now i'm paying for it with a weird burn on the top of my finger.
i'll remember for next time that it's always a good idea to put your bare hand in the oven for the sake of parm



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