Wednesday, April 24, 2013

At the moment

photos: tumblr

My goal this summer is to be covered in as much white &/or beige tones as humanly possible.
i'd love a white jacket or clutch.
 i'd add shoes to the list but they'd get filthy from one wear w/ me trekking in em. 

i've gotten back into my tea routine recently. 
last month with all my business i'd been so inclined to drinking coffee all the time; which sucks cause i get the nastiest crashes.
now that the stress is slowly dying down i've been looking forward to my morning and evening tea dates with myself. 

i also feel like this is going to be a kimono summer for me.
like my crazy toque collection, i'd love to have an array of vintage kimonos in my closet.
they're a fun piece to have during the warm/hot seasons cause they're so light and flowy &  are a nice finishing touch to an outfit


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